Beth Revis

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Across the Universe or AtU for short, is Beth Revis' debut YA novel that was published on January 11th, 2011. Beth has walked a long, hard road to becoming a published author.  She taught for over six years and wrote 10 books that were never published.  When Across the Universe was picked up for publication, Beth knew that writing and teaching at the same time was not working so she left her career as a teacher for a career as a writer.  Today, Beth lives in North Carolina with her husband and her dog.  

Beth has an author blog, an AtU Facebook Fanpage, an author Facebook Fanpage, a Tumblr called "Jealous of Jetpacks" and she can be found on Twitter.  Beth is also founder of The League of Extraordinary Writers, a dystopian author blog.  We wonder if she ever sleeps and where she keeps her cape.

Her bio on her blog also says that she's in competition with her mother to see who can visit all fifty states first.  Megan and Mindy hope that Beth has never been Illinois or Ohio, as they both own copies of AtU and would love her to sign nearby.  Although the idea of meeting Beth in person, scares them both to no end.  You can find Beth's full biographical information on her About Page on her Blog.