Operation Elder

By teaspoon00
What is Operation Elder?  Operation Elder is a grass roots movement to get more people to read Across the Universe.

Megan's current Operation Elder goal is to get her small town library to carry a copy of Across the Universe.  (Even if she has to buy it and force it into their hot little hands.)

Mindy has decided that for Operation Elder, she will check with her local library and if they do not have a copy, she will buy a copy specifically for them to use. If they already have a copy, the area schools will be next on my list (yes very similar to Megan...hmmm).

 How can you help?  Why not check out this list of ways to support Across the Universe:
  • Host an AtU themed giveaway on your blog
  • Give AtU as a gift to a friend or relative
  • Donate a copy of AtU to your local school library, community center or other place where teens/adults can find books
  • Draw, Paint or computer magic up some fan art.  The stuff already out there is fantastic but lets have MORE!  Upload it to DeviantArt and let us know about it. 
  • Make sure you rate and review AtU on Goodreads, Library Thing, Amazon- wherever you can.
  • Simplest of all, if you loved it- TELL BETH.  It sounds easy but I don't think authors ever grow out of wanting to hear that their work rocks your world.  It means a lot! 
  • Check back here often for Operation Elder Giveaways, prizes and challenges.  
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Here are some of the photos of Beth's fans showing their support for Operation Elder:
"Across the Universe" out in the wild :D ohn0.jpg