Day 1 AtU Read Along! Ch. 1-6

Hey all and welcome to day one of the read along! You should have read chapters 1-6 before reading and commenting on this post. There will be spoilers. Remember, that you don't need to post on the day of the post but by the END. There is some wiggle room since it is summer and life does come up. Now on to the chapters at hand!

Ch. 1- Amy & her parents are about to be cryogenically frozen.  Her mom goes first, then her dad and Amy goes last.  Amy's dad wants her to see what the process entails before she goes through it. It's really emotional for Amy to see her parents vulnerable while they go through the process.  After her mom is frozen, Amy's dad gives her the chance to back out, to go back home and live out her life.  But Amy decides to go through with it because she doesn't want to live her life without here parents.  As she is being frozen, Amy hears Hassan & Ed talking about the ship's mission, the financial crisis on Earth and the delayed launch of the Godspeed.  When Amy hears that the launch has been delayed, she panics and fights the cryo process.  As she freezes, she is still conscious 

Why do you think Amy is so panicked over the thought of losing a year of life on Earth?

How does the description of the freezing process affect you as you read it?

Ch. 2 - Elder finds a locked door on the Godspeed.  He wants desperately to prove his usefulness to Eldest.  Elder feels the weight of his position and that he needs to be ready to lead when his time comes.  But it sounds as if Elder believes that Eldest doesn't really want to train him to be Eldest.  Then Elder finds his way into the great room and opens the ceiling panel, exposing the room to the starry vacuum of space.

What is your first impression of Elder?

Ch. 3 - Amy floats in and out of consciousness as she cryo sleeps.  She thinks about the financial reason for the mission- to find more reasons to make more money.  She dreams of Earth, of Jason and of her memories of her life on Earth.  Amy sums up the reason that her family chose to be frozen and placed aboard the Godspeed and why she gave up her chance at a life on Earth:  "All my parents ever wanted was to be a part of the first manned interstellar exploratory mission and all I ever wanted was to be with them."

What do you think of this statement?

Ch. 4 - Elder realizes that the "stars" are lights- a navigational chart.  Eldest comes rushing in to see what the problem is.  As Elder and Eldest interact, you can really see the rift between them.  Eldest tells Elder that the first two causes of discord are: difference and lack of a strong central leader.  He also tells Elder that mutiny is the greatest threat to the ship.

What do you think of the society/life on the Godspeed?

Would you like to live there?

Ch. 5 - Amy describes the feeling of being stuck in her body but unable to move or speak.

How would you handle being in this situation?

Ch. 6 - Eldest sends Elder to the recorder hall to research the third cause of discord.  As Elder makes his way to the recorder hall, he fills us in on his life story and we get a glimpse of how alone he feels.  As Elder works with Orion, we see just how the Godspeed has been changed since leaving Earth.

What do you think is on the hidden level and in the area marked "contingency"?

What do you think Elder is going to do?

That's all for today's chapters.  Leave your answers to the questions as well as any comments or discussion in the comments below.  We'll be back on July 7 with chapters 7-12.  Hope to see you then!

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Anonymous said...

If I could’ve had one more year of the life I had always known before spending several centuries frozen aboard ship going who knows where, I would want it back, too!

It is very raw, I think. Beth Revis does a good job of making it sound painful and scientific.

He sounds curious to me. Chapter 2 opens with him questioning the locked door. Even living on that ship all his life, Elder questions it.

It sounds to me like her parents care more about the mission than about her. The parents are not very active characters in this story, so it is hard to find out if that is true or not.

It sounds very controlled. VERY controlled.

It would be interesting. I don’t think I would, though. It sounds controlled and confined. There wouldn’t be the possibility of say, traveling to the seven wonders of the world or something. It might be a big ship, but to someone who lived on earth, it would seem small after a while.

I would FREAK OUT.

True love! Haha I have a good guess. Probably all of the frozen people.

He is going to find Amy and put things in motion.

Megan said...

I have to tell ya'll that I gag and have to Lamaze Breathe through this chapter EVERY time I read it. I'm claustrophobic like no one's business and the first time through the book I actually had a panic attack reading Amy's Chapters. I also can honestly say that this book, for me, is all about Elder. I read his chapters and find myself taking notes because men and boys make NO sense to me. I love when books give you a window into the minds of men- even if they are fictional.

And I totally agree that Amy's parents sound selfish when she says that line. :/

Katrina W said...

In a year alot can happen, the love she left behind may have changed her mind.. A year is a long time to loose when its yours. She may have changed her mind and stayed..

The process explained, made me aprehensive, scared and I personally felt trapped and scared for the character.. I WANTED TO DRY REACH GAG !!!! LOL.. What a horrible idea lol.. If I knew thats how it was going to be Id never sign up.

Young Elder - confused but very alert . He thought he had been lied to, and was mistrusted as far as his duties went.

Her parents obviously knew something was going to happen or that their skills were beneficiall to future existance. The money thing Im not sure it what completley motivated them, what money when you cant use it.. I found the parents best interest was with the overal outcome of life for their daughter and life ?? Mabye not as they werent in the story for long.

Their doesnt seem to much of a social life, on the GOdspeed, I personally would feel gilted, but has Elder said it was better then living in the other section. Personally I dont think Id like to live their Id want family friends and interaction.

Amy's thoughts - I thought it was almost like being buried alive, only this part she cant speak or move. Very scary = freaked out and horrible sensation to drift in and out not knowing whats dreams and thoughts.

How would I feel !!! Id be scared for my life, re asssesing my choice and wishing to god that I had of opted out and gone with my aunt and uncle. VERY RESTRICTED AND CONFINED.. USELESS,, AND COMPLETLEY OUT OF CONTROL

I think that this level contains all the people that have been frozen !!!! ??

Curiousity killed the cat right, he is young and curious he will snoop and find Amy of course !!! Or worse !!! da nndanna lol

Mabye he will investigate and come back at a later date to check it out more !! The level that is ..

** My thoughts ** I personally would hate to be in their situation and be frozen !! It definetly pulls at your emotions,, leaving you aprenhensive !! yukky feeling !! tubes, not being able to breathe.. careless workers you can hear !!! You would want to leap out of that hard ass coffin and say ** ive changed my mind ** lol... **

Good intro into characters all flowing smoothly and keeping the reader intrigued from page one ;)


sophie said...

1. Amy realizes that a year is a lot of time to lose and she could have done so much more before the Godspeed had to leave.

The freezing process freaked me out. Revis makes sure that you know exactly how the characters felt and made me feel as if it were happening to me. I felt trapped and scared.

2. Curious and somewhat eager to please.

3. The statement makes it seem as if Amy's parents didn't really care whether she went or not--as if she really was just unessential cargo.

4. Life on the Godspeed is 100% controlled by Eldest's actions.

I wouldn't like to live there. To be there would be to work for a tyrant, not for any personal happiness. I would also feel very confined after a while.

5. I would absolutely FLIP OUT, because I would feel out of control and unsure of what to do.

6. All of the frozen people.

Elder is probably going to find a way to get in and eventually find Amy.

Brandy said...

Ch. 1- I also think that her losing that extra year was a huge thing. It may have been long enough that she would gained enough independence to change her mind. She may have decided that the life she was leaving was too important to leave.
The description of the freezing process horrified me! It was described so realistically that I found myself squirming in discomfort along with Amy. I don't think I could have gone through with it.

Ch. 2 - I'm intrigued by Elder. He seems like a great guy, and the dynamics between him and Eldest seem volatile.

Ch. 3 - This statement shows how important relationships are to Amy - especially the one with her parents. She loves them so much that she is willing to completely give up her entire life to stay with them. How many teens would be willing to do that? It does make me curious though that while all she ever wanted was to be with them, she feels that all they ever wanted was "to be a part of the first manned interstellar exploratory mission". But with her memories and her dad's understanding if she didn't go through with it, I feel like they cared deeply for her also.

Ch. 4 Life on the Godspeed is so rigid and uniform! Having just read Divergent, it drives home the fact that uniformity does not always breed peace. I think I would go crazy on this ship!

Ch. 5 - Being paralyzed and unable to speak or move is one of my recurring nightmares, so I don't think I could handle it!

Ch. 6 - I think Contingency is where all the frozen people are, but with the name contingency (as in plan b), I think there will be something else there as well...

AquaMarie said...

Ch. 1 - You can do a lot of living in a year! The fear of the unknown would definitely make me want that one year back.

The freezing processes made my toes curl! Then I found myself facinated by the ways Beth found around the problems associated with cryo freezing. The lady did her homework.

Ch. 2 - Elder struck me as sort of a nerd at first: insatiable curiosity, and intense irritation when Eldest wouldn't just tell him the answers.

Ch. 3 - Amy is very close to her parents at this point. So close that she can't imagine a good life without them.

Ch. 4 - Society on Godspeed is very regimented and stifled. The word I'm thinking of is repressed. Would I like to live there? NO!

Ch. 5 - I would have a panic attack if I was stuck with my own thoughts without being able to fidget. No movement = not a happy girl!

Ch. 6 - Can't answer this one; I've already read the book. ;-)

Michele said...

Ch 1: I think they should have been told that the mission was going to be postponed...why be frozen for a year when you didn't need to be...Did they think the people would change their minds in a year?

I thought the freezing process sounded terrible!! I thought it was a great decision for Amy's dad to let her see that first so she would know what to expect, and very generous of him to give her an out..If Amy wanted to...That showed how much he really loved her. I thought Beth did a great job in the description of the freezing...

Ch2: I think Elder is just wanting to learn what is in store for him when he becomes Eldest...He feels he needs to learn everything there is to know.

Ch3: I think Amy is devoted to her parents even though she knows what she is leaving behind..She feels loyal to them.

Ch4: THe life on Godspeed is totally controlled...by Eldest. I wouldn't like to live there because you are basicly told everything to do.

Ch5: I think being stuck inside your own body would be terrifying..I'm curious to know if everyone else that was frozen was "awake" inside of their own body

Ch6: Well, I think its where the frozen people are. I think Godspeed is so controlled by Eldest, that the rest of the passengers don't really know what's going on. And I think Elder will definately check it out. He proved that when he found the stars in the great room.

Melissa/welachild said...

I was screaming nooooo in my mind when Amy realized she could have had another year. Her family should have been told. They will never see Earth again, I know I would rather be living on Earth that year, hanging with friends, instead of frozen!
Speaking of being frozen, ouch! Beth does a great job of describing the whole process. I could imagine it and it made me claustrophobic!
I'm really close to my parents too, so I could relate to Amy wanting to go where they go. She can always make new friends and build a life on the new planet, but they are the only parents she has.
I wouldn't like to live on Godspeed. I think I'd get cabin fever. But it would be better than being frozen and aware of the 300 years (+1) that are passing.

LitzaLou said...

Ch. 1 - I think I'd panic over losing a year of my life too! That's one more year of being surrounded by family and friends. One more year to travel my home planet & do what I wish. One more year of familiarity! A lot can happen in a year and having one extra would enable me to tie up any loose ends & fulfill lifelong dreams before I embark on a long frozen journey to a new planet. I fully understand her panic.

Every time I read about the freezing process I just want to gag. I get sick to my stomach thinking about it... it's very uncomfortable & I admire Amy for going through it.

Ch. 2 - My first impression of Elder is that he desperately wants to be useful. He's also curious & I can totally relate to that... thank goodness he didn't get sucked out into the void!

Ch. 3 - I think this statement shows how close her little family is. Though she was given the option to stay on Earth with relatives, she chose to go into space with her parents. What a wonderful relationship they must have!

Ch. 4 - I think the life on Godspeed would be interesting. It must be difficult to keep everything running smoothly and fear of mutiny would definitely be something to worry about.

Would I like to live there? Um... I don't think so. I like having my feet on the ground, thank you. lol

Ch. 5 - I wouldn't be able to handle that situation at all! I'd probably go crazy. I've had repeated nightmares about situations just like that... *shiver* not pleasant.

Ch. 6 - I can't answer this first question without giving anything away, as I've read the book already. But it's gooooooood! :)

Well, being a curios boy, I'd suspect he'd go check it out! I know I'd be tempted to do so...

IdentitySeeker said...

Hi there:) I've advanced quite far in my reading of this book and had typed out detailed answers to this portion of the reading in the comment box, only to lose them when my internet connection went down just as I clicked on the "Publish your Comment" option. Oh well! I have grown wiser since then and have typed my answers on a word document so that they aren't lost due to an internet malfunction. Here are my answers:

C1: I think that the news that she’d have to depart Earth and say goodbye was so sudden that she didn’t get to say goodbye properly and if she could get that chance by spending an extra year on Earth, instead of wasting it in a frozen dark void, she would choose not be frozen as yet but rather spend that year on Earth.
The description of the freezing process gave me the shivers and just plain creeped me out. It reminded me of my many dental appointments with all those pipes filled with cold liquid being shoved into my mouth.

C2: My impression of Elder is one of a lost and lonely little boy in a teenager’s body. Burdened with such great responsibility at such a young age and with no family or support system, it is understandable that he would feel the need to prove himself to Eldest.

C3: I think that this statement is revealing as a sign of neglect on the part of Amy’s parents. She feels that they’ve chosen their careers and their own needs over the happiness of their only child.

C4: Life aboard Godspeed appears to be highly abnormal and, since I’m not a fan of enclosed spaces, I would not want to live there.

C5: In that situation, I’d probably suffocate through my own panic. Not being able to move a muscle and remaining aware of it would be all of my nightmares come to life.

C6: I think the frozen humans from Earth are on that hidden level.
I think Elder, out of natural curiosity, would pay the level a visit after discovering its existence.