Day 10: AtU Read Along Ch. 55-60

Hey all and welcome back!  I'm back again to finish out the Read Along with you all!  We're looking at chapters 55-60 today and I'm pretty excited for these chapters.  We'll learn the secret of the locked fourth floor of the hospital and we'll figure out why drinking water is "an old Feeder wives' remedy."

Ch. 55- Amy is not right.  She is feeling slow and fuzzy.  She can tell that Elder is agitated but has no idea why.  Elder drags Amy out of her room and takes her to Doc.  As Elder demands to know what has happened to Amy, she begins to fade out of consciousness.  Amy is force fed the inhibitor pill and Elder worries that she may never come back to herself.

Why do you think Amy feels off and what do you think the inhibitor pills that the "mental" patients take really do?

Ch. 56- Elder is still super worried about Amy and he hates that he has to leave her with Doc overnight.  But Elder has to see Eldest about how Amy ended up in the condition that she is in.  Elder tries to speak to Eldest but the old man is drunk.  Elder returns to Amy's room and waits for her to return to herself.  He adds some details to her wall chart about the frozens.  When she wakes, she's angry about being stuck on the ship for the rest of her life and she begins to freak out.

Do you see any link between the frozens who have been targeted?

Ch. 57-  Elder takes Amy to the Recorder Hall where he shows her all the information that has been added while she slept.  The he begins to pull up the Sol-Earth information that the Feeders are not allowed to view.  Amy notices that some of the information has been changed.  Changed to help lead Elder down the thinking path that Eldest wants him on.

What do you think Eldest is trying to teach Elder with his corrupted history?

Ch. 58- Amy and Elder see that Ed- the cryo worker- took a place on the Godspeed after the freezing people job ended.  Amy searches through the family trees until Ed's ends at the plague.  They realize that the math doesn't add up.  The plague is just another of the Godspeed's secrets.

What do you think the secret of the plague is?

Ch. 59- Eldest finds Amy and Elder in the Recorder Hall.  He accuses Amy of being a disturbance.  Eldest and Amy argue and Eldest says that the ship runs on lies.

Do you agree with Amy's decision to expose the truth about Eldest and his lies?

Ch. 60-  Eldest drags Elder to the Learning Center.  Elder decides to play dumb for Eldest until he can become leader himself, even if it makes Amy think less of him for now.  Elder uses Eldest's anger to get him to talk about things that he never has with him before.  Eldest tells him that there never was a plague.

What do you think the Eldests use the plague to cover up?

So, Elder and Amy are begininng to strip away the lies that seem to coat the Godspeed.  What else do you think we'll find out?  Hope to see you back on the 25th when we look at chapters 61-66!

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Katrina W said...

Chapter 55
Hmm the inhibitor pills seem to make you normal as far as Im concerned not so dosile. They think the crazies arent normal only becuase the other stuff mustnt work on them. Amy may feel off from her trauma of almost being raped and harley gave her lots of water, Im hoping that he didnt put something in her water or mabye eldest has rigged her water supply to make her like the feeders so she doesnt say a word and cause trouble ??

Chapter 56

I dont see a link as of yet,, Im very curious though. One dark one white person ?

Chapter 57
Eldest seems racist if he is telling Elder about the line between two races. It seems by splitting them in two this changed discord ??
Eldest may be trying to teach him that everyone must be the same to get along.. ? aka Amy is not so this courses differences?

hapter 58

Well they had no control over breeding back then no season was implented, so maybe it was a way to destroy so many people so limit the amount of people on the shit till the day it landed. This way they can work out how many people live, die and populate so they arenot over populated. The secert.. mabye they killed them off to get number down, or to much incest? causing deformities ?

Chapter 59

Im not so sure its a great idea, Amy wants to know, but the secert is their for a reason ? To keep the ship running smoothly and efectly. It depends on what the secert is.. Their must be a reason why the ship has so many secerts !

Chapter 60
Murders, or depleting the people on the ship mabye it was getting overcrowded ? The plague sort of relates to this, an overun in population mabye?

Hmm it seems all the secerts are starting to surface !! We will find out what the plague wasnt ! why it was created and also why they created the season and everything else..



Melissa/welachild said...

I've already finished the book, I just couldn't stop reading. I will just come back and discuss after the read along is finished!

Michele said...

Ch55: I think AMy has been drugged...and the pill makes people normal again, or "insane" from Godspeed standards.

Ch56: I didn't see the ocnnection at first, but I did at the end.

Ch57: I think he wants to teach him that total control is ok...and that's what has made Godspeed run so smoothly all those years..after time, they didnt' know any different.

ch58: OOps...i know, don't want to spoil!!

CH59: I think the people have the right to know...

CH60: I think he wants to cover up that there was disturbance on the ship and they needed to get it under control.

Megan said...

Good thinking everyone!! We're getting to the point where things will start to come together for Amy and Elder.

Mindy fangedmom said...

This is where it starts to unravel, you are so right Megan! Amazing what is revealed here. I cant imagine waking up to this world on Godspeed! Amy is super strong & I admire her will!!!

Sophie said...

55. Amy has definitely been drugged--but I can't predict anything as I know why. The inhibitor pills that the "crazies" take make people normal--or "mental" in Godspeed terms.

56. I never saw the connection until it was explained! :)

57. Eldest is trying to show Elder how complete control worked for Sol-Earth and how it works for the Godspeed. In addition, I think Eldest is trying to steer Elder away from Amy by showing him how in history, things have been better when everyone is the same.

58. Already know!

59. I absolutely agree with Amy--although the Godspeed is safe and productive under Eldest's rule, it's not right that he can control what the people know and how they act like they're his puppets.

60. Can't say :)

Melissa/welachild said...

Beth does a great job of making me feel what Amy is feeling. My favorite part of ch. 55:
"What happened to you?" Elder shouts.
I jump. I had forgotten he was there. I stare at him.
Elder growls, like a dog, and it is funny, and I smile.

I didn't want Elder to leave amy with Doc, I don't trust him!
When they are searching Ed's family tree the math doesn't add up but I missed the connection.
Ch. 59--I was so proud of Amy for standing up to Eldest. I can't believe he admitted the ship runs on lies. It's like he thinks so little of Elder, that he has no remorse for being found out right in front of him.
I think it's smart of Elder to play dumb. And it will probably be easier to protect Amy if Eldest doesn't think he is capable of thinking or acting on his own.

LitzaLou said...

CH 55 - Well I can't really say... don't want to ruin it for those who have yet to read further. But I do have to say that it would be awful to feel like that... and so scary! I feel for both Amy & Elder during all of this.

Ch 56 - I do! I did the first time too! It probably helped that I wasn't actually in the situation; which is how it usually works, isn't it?

Ch 57 - He's trying to teach him that what they're doing on the ship, how they handle things, is tried & true throughout Sol-Earth history. It shows how twisted things are aboard Godspeed.

Ch 58 - I know this answer as well & let me tell ya, it's huge. I do remember thinking that maybe the plague was more like the Holocaust, though... able to continue unchecked in space. Horrible thought.

Ch 59 - Absolutely I agree. Lies can ruin so much. The people have a right to know what kind of situation they're really in.

Ch 60 - I think they use it to cover a horrible event... they use it to hide the true reason 3/4 of the ship died so many years ago.

IdentitySeeker said...

C55: As I said before, I think it’s the unnatural calm of the contaminated water that’s causing her to feel that way.
The Inhibitor pills suggest a suppression or inhibition of some behaviour or, possibly, emotion. My best guess at this stage is that the Inhibitor pills serve to inhibit rash acts of rebellion and intense emotions (such as rage) in the “crazies”.

C56: I think that Amy, being a nonessential, was mistakenly unfrozen and that the link between all the other victims is that they’re involved in the military, the field of science and defence. Whoever unplugged them, may not want them to be able to formulate defence strategies once they reach Centauri-Earth.

C57: I think he’s trying to teach him to rule with an iron fist, like a true dictator. He is propagating the idea of monoethnicity and other narrow-minded views to mould Elder into the kind of leader that he, Eldest, is.

C58: I’m not sure, but I can’t help but think that the plague was not due to natural causes on the ship but may have been engineered by the leaders of the ship at the time.

C59: Yes, I agree with Amy’s decision to expose the truth as true leadership cannot be based on a foundation of lies and the people living on the ship have a right to the truth.

C60: I think that the Eldests use the plague to cover up the real cause of the deaths of so many people and the ending of family trees so abruptly generations before. Whatever the real cause of the deaths may be, the ship’s leadership have a lot to lose if the people find out about it.