Day 13: AtU Read Along Ch. 75-81

Here we are.  The LAST set of chapters.  Elder is about to reveal his secret to Amy.  What is it and will it cause her to hate him forever?  Let's find out!

Ch. 75- Amy wraps her arms around Elder.  Elder is now the Eldest.  He worries about how he can lead the ship now that they have removed the Phydus from the equation.  He makes an all call and explains the truth of the situation to the people.  Doc begs for the wires to fix the pump but Amy gives them to Elder and tells Doc to focus of the genetic mapping of families not on the drug.  Amy and Elder discuss the truth and decide how to tell everyone.  Amy and Elder work in the recorder hall to correct the Earth information kept there.  Amy writes to her parents.

Do you think Amy and Elder are doing the right thing?

Would you have done things differently?

Ch. 76- Elder ponders right and wrong.  He tells us what really happened to Amy.  He knows that the truth could keep her from ever caring for him, from wanting to be with him.

Ch. 77- Amy is down at the hatch, looking at the stars.  She thinks that the secret of the stars is that in the end we are all alone.  Elder comes to tell her something.  Amy is nervous and worried.

Ch. 78-  Elder admits to unplugging her.

Ch. 79- Amy reels with this information.  She is angry and scared and sad but then she begins thinking.  He says he had to tell her.  To be honest.  No one else in Amy's life has been so truthful with her.  Not even her beloved father.

Ch. 80- Elder watches Amy process the information and feels the weight of the pump wires in his pocket.  He explains why he did it.  That he never meant to harm her.

Ch. 81- Amy tells Elder that she doesn't want to be alone.  He reaches for her and she pulls away.  She realizes that he is right there for her as he always has been.  He reaches for her again and she shakes free of him.  She realizes that the secret of the stars has nothing to do with being alone.  She wraps her pinkie around Elder's as a promise of hope for the future.

Wow.  What a ride these last chapters have been!  What are your overall thoughts on these chapters and the end of this book?

On Sunday, we'll discuss the book overall and what we all think may happen in A Million Suns!  Hope to see you then!

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Katrina W said...

wow so sad to see it come to end its been a great readathon girls !! Thanks for your time and effort !

Chapter 75

I personally wouldnt have destroyed the cable to the machine, I wouldve turned it off and left it be. Im concerned the ship will become chasios.

Im not sure Amy and Elder are doing the right thing. I tend to agree the system did work, I didnt agree n the season. hmmm Im not really sue.

Nothing much couldve been done differenty, Eldest is dead, Amy and Elder both dont agree on the drugs Lets hope that this brings the feeders to a new frame of mind that they can think enough to work how how to fix the ship.

Chapter 76

Eldest beliveves the truth is important I think right or wrong he will tell her.

Chapter 77

Im feeling kinda sorry for them all trapped on the ship. I really hope for all of them that the secert of the stars is not the end. Im hoping its a new life for them all.

Chapter 78

I think Elder made the right decision to tell her, Amy seems the forgiving type and Really Elder told her the truth he is not lying to her.

Chapter 79.

The truth may be good for Elder .. I think Amy will be angry at him but will forgive him afterall he is the only one telling the truth.

Chapter 80

I think Amy understands why Elder unplugged her, the ship is lonely and he wants someone his own age to talk to .. even maybe love.

Chapter 81

I loved the last part,, hopes for the future !!

I really liked the ending it gives great hope, I cant wait to read the next book. ** stomps feet lol ** I so want to know whats install for Amy, the ship and the new Eldest !!!! Im concerned that he has kept the cable but Im sure he is keeping it as back up as he in unsure he has what it takes without the drugs.

Bring on A Million Suns !!!


Michele said...

CH76: I think they are doing the right thing. I feel that they will be surprised how happy the people will be that they are free of the prison they have been held in.

To bad Eldest is gone...I think I would have tried to save him because even though he was sort of evil, i think he still held a lot of knowledge aboutthe ship.

the end...

I think Elder did the right thing by telling Amy what he did....I think he deeply cares for her and didn't mean to harm her because he really didn't understand what was going on. I think if he didn't tell Amy, that she would have had a harder time trusting him later down the road....I feel this was a HUGE step for their relationship.

Can't wait for the next book!!

Michele said...

I can't imagine what will happen i A Million Suns...I'm sure hoping that they can fix the ship and get to Sol-Earth before Amy dies and never gets to see her parents again!!

Michele said...

You know, I think they probably didn't need Eldest...they have all those other people that are running the ship, they could handle it...I now think that maybe Eldest would probably try to take over again...

Melissa/welachild said...

I think they are doing the right thing! I couldn't believe Elder's secret but I'm so glad he confessed to Amy. Since the book was almost over, I was afraid he wouldn't tell her and we'd have to wait for the next book to find out. I love that the book ended on a hopeful note.
Anything could happen in a million suns! I think chaos will insue and Elder will struggle with the need to control everything and the desire to let the people act freely. I can't wait to read it!!

Sophie said...

This was both an AMAZING book and an AMAZING readalong! thanks so much you guys :)

I think that Amy and Elder are doing the right thing. I think they understand that they are walking a fine line, as they don't know how the people will react, but they know that someday the people will understand that they did it in their best interests. I would have probably done the same thing :)

I think that Amy will be mad at Elder for some time but then understand why he did it and how remorseful he was when Amy was upset over not seeing her parents. Elder definitely did the right thing by telling Amy the truth. Elder never wanted to hurt her--I think he was just very lonely (and obsessed with her difference and beauty) and wanted to know her. Amy is definitely not in the right emotional time to get into a serious relationship with Elder but its very obvious that they will become closer as she understands why he unplugged her and grasps that Elder did the best thing by telling her the truth.

I CANNOT WAIT for A Million Suns!!!

LitzaLou said...

I think they are absolutely doing the right thing. I can't even imagine having to deal with something like this at their age, but I would hope I'd do the same thing. They're being so mature and brave, even amidst so much uncertainty. You really have to admire that, ya know?

I think the end is perfect! So much has happened and there is still so much to work out, but I feel like everything will end up being okay in the end. I really hope so, anyway! I'm so glad I was able to be part of this read-along; thanks for hosting it! I had a blast re-reading Across the Universe & I CAN'T WAIT until A Million Suns comes out! Beth Revis is a genius!

IdentitySeeker said...

C75: I think that Amy and Elder are doing the best they can and, by working together and revealing the truth to the people on board, they are taking a step in the right direction. One thing I would’ve done differently is to not make an all call, but to gather all the people and make an announcement to them personally regarding the situation on board the ship as I think that would inspire more faith and confidence.

C76-81: Elder certainly took me by surprise with his revelation but it does make sense for him to have done that, given his fascination with Amy and his feelings of loneliness. I was initially shocked and angry at him for having done that, but couldn’t help but sympathise with him once I realised how vulnerable and scared he felt admitting that to Amy- he must really love her to be so afraid of losing her. I love the promise of something more developing between them in the future and it would be interesting to see how they lead the ship together in A Million Suns.