Day 8: AtU Read Along Ch. 43-48

July 19 Day Eight: Chapters 43-48

CH 43: Amy
Amy is curled up on her bed with her teddy bear, Amber. Harley gives her a glass of water. Harley feels so guilty for leaving her. Harley says “Isn’t Sol Earth like that. We are all animals”. Amy states “not you, not elder, not me”… Amy states that the “crazy” people seem to be a little less crazy although they are taking advantage of The Season and acting out a little more. She is so confused by why some are so taken by The Season and some are merely acting out. Amy is very traumatized by what happened to her and what could have happened. Harley tries to comfort Amy but she wants to be left alone.

Amy wants her daddy to hug her and protect her. She wants to feel her mom comfort her. She tries to lay down but can’t as he is reminded of what happened. She tries to walk out the door and can’t do it as she is scared.  Amy finally gets the courage to leave her room and sprints to the elevator. She goes down to the Cryo level. Amy runs to her parents. She drops to her knees and just sits there. She is so conflicted. She opens up her mom and dad’s doors. She sees their glass coffins. She whispers to them “I need you”. Amy continues to stare and speak to her parents. She starts to cry and yells at them that she needs them. She tells them it is weird here and she does not understand.

Amy wants to thaw out her parents and realizes they are too important to risk thawing them out. They are too important to the new Earth with their scientific skills. She pushes them back in to let them stay put.

1.       Do you think Amy made the right decision to not thaw out her parents?

CH 44: Edler
There is a water pump on the 4th floor, Elder is confused at first. He states it is old. Eldest and Doc wonder how he knows about it. It is designed to add something to the water. He sees a thick, syrupy liquid being infused into the water. Eldest and Doc say it was part of the original design. They use it to provide substance to the population and birth control.  During The Season, they take out the birth control and add in hormones to help them during The Season. Eldest is happy with Elder as he is starting to question things like an Eldest should. Elder accuses Eldest of being in the Cryo chamber. Eldest is very upset that Elder would accuse him of killing the frozens. He then starts speaking about the 3rd discord. Elder shouts back at him, asking how all this stuff is exists but he knows nothing about it. He calls Elder a fool. Elder is not convinced that Eldest did not do it though.

1.       What do you think about the chemicals being put in the water?

CH 45: Amy
Thinking about last date with Jason, they were really together. They went out for supper and Amy runs into a gal in the bathroom. The girl tells Amy that Jason cheated on her last year and does not know how Jason keeps track of all of his girls. Amy is distraught over this. The girl then asks Amy is she is Cristin. Amy says no and wonders who the heck Cristin is. Amy wants to ask Jason about this all but does not. She remembers telling Jason goodbye that night. She questions who he was texting earlier that night and what his friends meant by the “big plans” they had next Saturday. Amy now regrets not demanding the truth.

1.       What does this chapter tell you about Jason?

CH 46: Edler
Elder is looking for Amy and Harley says Amy wants to be left alone. Elder sees the dark bruise on Harley and reminds himself to ask Doc about the last time Harley took his other special meds to keep his dark moods controlled. Elder runs into Orion.  Elder gets the feeling that Orion is trying to tell him something. After researching, Elder finds some symbols that do not make sense. Victria does not seem to care that it is old. Elder remembers a few days back when Orion showed him the old plans of the ship. How all the levels were different. How they have evolved. This is the second time that Orion has led him to a new discovery of the ship.

Victria watches the couple on the steps. She asks Elder if he thinks they are in love. Elder says no. Victria says it is not human nature because she is not like the couple on the steps. She admits that she would only do that with someone…she trails off. Elder starts thinking of how right she is.  Victria asks Elder if he thinks the couple is ever happy because she never is. Orion brings in the newest picture and it is Elder, not Eldest. Orion hangs up. It is almost time for Eldest to step down and Elder to step up. The painting was done by Harley, Elder can tell.  Elder never posed for it and does not think it looks like him at all. Orion says it looks like a leader. Elder does not agree. A leader would know what to do!

1.       Elder is beign told that it will be time to be Eldest soon. How do you think he feels about that?

CH 47: Amy
Not able to shower away the memories and bruises from the previous day. Elder kissed her in the garden. Was that a real kiss? It had been real to her, but was it to Elder? Amy questions The Season. She wonders if there is something in the water, food or air. She then thinks that Doc should see this as not normal. Amy goes to see Doc to speak to him about this. Each room looks like a gynecologist office. Amy wants to know why all these women are here. It has only been a day. Could they all be pregnant already? The nurse determines that Amy is not there due to The Season. No one speaks to her. Amy asks the nurse about only having one doctor. Amy enters a room with a woman propped up in the stirrups. Amy covers her eyes and says she is sorry. The doctor says it is ok and to come in. He then asks the woman is she minds. He says of course not. Amy is weirded out by this!!! This woman does not care at all that Amy is there. Amy asks Doc about The Season as he continues his exam. Amy tries to talk to the woman on the table. She asks if she is happy, the woman replies “I am not unhappy”. Amy says “Don’t you see this is not normal”. The Doc questions what Amy is speaking of. The device the Doc is using states the levels of her hormones and various other stats. He tells Phillimina that she is pregnant. Amy does not understand how he can know. Doc says that all the signs show she is primed to be pregnant. He takes out a huge needle. He states this will help make the baby stronger and healthier. Amy knows that this is not right. All I did was give the baby a little DNA change to get rid of the incest deformalities.  Amy runs out of the room. She knows that this is wrong, no matter what Doc says.

1.       Amy is so insightful as she knows how life on Sol Earth was and knows this is not normal. Why do you think that Doc is trying to convince Amy of this?

CH 48: Elder
Elder is very suspicious of Orion. He is speaking of Hellish ice & how he has access. Edler is confused. He asked Orion what he knows. He was the one that led Elder to Amy. Orion then asks Elder “what do you know”?

1.       What role do you think Orion is playing at this point?


Melissa/welachild said...

I think Amy made the mature decision to not unthaw her parents. She is so strong, I love it.
Eldest is a fool. And adding birth control to the water is sneaky and wrong. I don't like how Eldest thinks he can just mess with nature that way.
I don't like Jason. But the fact that Amy regrets not asking for the truth is the important part of this chapter. It just adds another piece of evidence to the mountain of evidence that proves she is AWESOME!! I love how strong and mature she is.
I think Elder has too many unanswered questions to be a confident leader.
All the pregnant women in the hospital was kinda creepy. If I was Amy I would have felt like I was in the twilight zone.

Katrina W said...

Chapter 43

I think Amy realizes the importance of her parents waking in 50 years, as much as she loves them. I think she made the right decision for now. As long as they are safe and she can keep an eye on them , I think this will make it easier and knowing they are there at any time.. Will also make it easier.

Chapter 44

Well we all knew something was in the water, and honestly I tend to agree with Eldest on this one. With only being able to have 3000 people, they have to control it somehow.. I dont think its the best solution - but at present, it seems the people are a little simple and leaving birth control in their hands may end up with a ship overpopulated and people having to die ? Mabye an injection for the women may have been a better idea ! Rather than pump them full of chemicals ?

Chapter 45

Jason seems to have used Amy's leaving as a way to say goodbye --
Mabye he used this against her, aka. This is something to remember us by ! he seems to be a cheater, unfaithful and somewhat Slimy knowing she was leaving and she would never know the truth.. ** what an ass **

Chapter 46

Elder feels he is still not ready, unsure, he is finding how so much and i dont think he is overly impressed in which things run. He is unsure what to do and if he is ever able to .

Chapter 47

Maybe Doc is trying to convince himself? he must know this is not normal. Mabye he thinks she is neive enough to believe him?
Hm maybe Doc knows no better,,this is the way it has to be so he will convince her so.

Chapter 48

Orion is playing the good cop bad cop scenario.. he knows that Elder is suspiscious of Eldest, so he is using this to his advantage to show Elder he is his friend and he can be trusted.

Well I must say its so hard to stop at 5 chapters ;) I dont like that the woman on board seem mindless and very much void of emotion, the chemicals or the genetic modifications really stuff with their personalites. I wander if any of them knows what happiness is about the ship seems to be a big cirle of nothing. is it really a life ?


Michele said...

CH43: I think although it was hard for amy, she made the right decision. SHe's not a selfish person.

CH44: I think its pretty obvious that something is being put into the water...

ch45: Well, Jason wasn't faithful at all and he was a player..seemed like a guy that loved to get what he wants, and doesn't care who he hurt.

Ch46: I think Elder is scared to death.

CH47: I think its the norm on the ship. THey had no choice because incest does cause birth defects and they are trying to prevent it...its not right at all..I think Doc is trying to change Amy's views on what is normal.

ch48: OOO...I know about this because I have already read the book...its a good one trust me, don't want to spoil!!

Mindy fangedmom said...

i love your thoughts ladies! I really truly do! It is DEF a toss up. Right vs wrong is a hard decision here. They both carry pro's and Con's for sure!

LOVE the Twilight Zone reference Melissa! Agree 100%. What a crazy mixed up world to find yourself in.

Sophie said...

43. I think Amy understood that if her parents were willing to give up their daughter for this, doing it must have been extremely important. I think she made the right decision because she didn't want to be the one to ruin their dreams. Amy put her parents before her and it was definitely a brave thing to do.

44. I always thought that the Feeders were being brainwashed somehow...I understand his point that there are over 3,000 people on board to take care of and that its very hard for one person to do. But I don't think that was the best way to do it.

45. Jason is a cheater and a jerk. I agree with Michele--he gets what he wants and doesn't care if someone gets hurt. I think that after Amy told him that she was leaving, he immediately started making plans on who he was going to date next. HATE HIM. And I felt really bad for Amy, because I feel like its one of those unasked questions she's going to regret for the rest of her life :(

Sophie said...

whoops! clicked publish too early :)

46.I think Elder feels like he isn't ready because 1. He has continued to find out things Eldest never told him and 2. He still feels like a young and vulnerable teenager.

47. I think Doc wants Amy to forget about Sol-Earth and adapt to life on the Godspeed. He wants to convince her that giving the unborn baby a shot (as well as everything else on the ship) IS normal.

48. Don't want to reveal!

IdentitySeeker said...

C43: If I were in her shoes, I don’t think I would’ve had the willpower to not thaw them out. However, I do believe that she took the right decision as it would risk the future survival of an entire generation to allow two such highly skilled individuals to have died before their arrival on the new planet. I don’t think her parents would have wanted her them to unfreeze them, as the mission was too important to them.
C44: It is unnatural and inhumane to manipulate people’s hormones in such a manner and to cause them to mate and breed at the will of one individual.
C45: Jason is obviously a two-timing cheat and, if I were Amy, I would not have swallowed my questions and walked away. I would’ve stood up and made him speak up, so I could leave with my dignity intact.
C46: I think Elder feels scared and unprepared to take on such great responsibility. He cannot imagine himself filling in Eldest’s shoes. He’s not sure of himself and not confident in his own ability to lead.
C47: Doc is obviously afraid that Amy may cause a problem and may even incite a rebellion if she realises the extent to which life aboard the ship is manipulated and controlled by Eldest and Doc. He is trying to convince her that everything is normal so that she doesn’t create any problems.
C48: I am very suspicious of Orion at this point, especially as he is the one responsible for Elder finding out about the hidden level of the ship.


LitzaLou said...

Ch 43 - I absolutely believe she made the right decision & I am so proud of her. Though she went through a horrible experience, she realizes that her parents have an important mission & she can't be selfish. It must be hard, but she's so strong. I really admire her maturity.

Ch 44 - I think it's horrible. Vitamins, fine... but hormones/birth control? It's no wonder the people are acting like animals! It's sickening.

Ch 45 - I didn't really give much thought to Jason in this chapter. What stuck out to me was how Amy wishes that she had asked what was going on. In the case with Jason, she just wanted to remain in the dark about whether or not Jason was unfaithful. I think the importance of this chapter is that it shows Amy no longer wants to blindly follow anything. She's tired of not asking questions and she refuses to remain in the dark. This chapter is a great turning point for Amy and her development, I believe. I like it.

Ch 46 - Stressed out. There is so much he still hasn't been taught about the ship and the people on it. Not to mention the fact that there's a murderer out there! So much is going on & I can't believe that this poor 16-yr-old boy is going to have to take care of it all. He's lost, confused and totally freaked out... as any normal human being would be in his situation, I'm sure.

Ch 47 - Probably because this is what he's been taught. I mean, I don't believe he's as innocent in all of this as he would have her believe, but you never know. He wants to convince Amy that nothing is amiss because then maybe she'd stop asking so many questions, probably.

Ch 48 - He's making Elder question everything he's ever known...