Announcing the Winners of the A Million Suns Mystery Prizes from Beth Revis


Here are our winners who have each won a mystery gift from Beth Revis.  Well, the gift is not so mysterious if you followed along with the YA Scavenger Hunt that Beth participated in this summer.  I don't want to ruin the surprise (if anyone still hasn't figured out what the gift is) but I will say that it is a charm (like for a bracelet) that has something to do with A Million Suns.  Yeah.  Moving On!

The five winners are (in no particular order):

Beth Reader

Stacey from Page Turners Blog

Avery from Avery's Book Nook


Michele from Insane About Books and Page Turners Blog

Congrats to you all!  Your contact info was sent to Beth and she will be getting in touch with you!  Hope you enjoy your gift and that you note the symbolism when you read A Million Suns!

I'm working to compile all the photos from the contest to get them posted here so you'll be able to see the visual entries here soon.  Also, we really encourage you to get out there and not only spread the word about Across the Universe and A Million Suns but to pre-order A Million Suns from your favorite local bookstore or online retailer.  Ordering ahead will help you get your book on or near release day and Beth totally appreciates it.  If you don't want to pre-order, try to buy your copy within the first two weeks after release as this time period is crucial for publishers and authors!

Mindy and I are working on some exciting ideas to get everyone geared up for the release of A Million Suns in January.  We want to start the festivities by Halloween at the latest and continue up to release day.  If you have something you'd like to see please let us know- our email is SOTSblog AT gmail.com.

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Michele said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!! I am so SUPER excited!!! Thanks SO much!! I can't wait to see the photos that were submitted!! That's going to be SO much fun!! And Stacey won too? HOW awesome is that!! WOOT WOOT!! If you could only see me doing my happy dance!!!!

Misty said...

Congratulations everyone.

Misty said...
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steve said...

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