Nominate Amy from Across the Universe in the YA Sisterhood Herione Tournament

I'm sure you all have seen the YA Sisterhood blog by now.  A few months back they ran a tournament of best book boys- from which Elder was suspiciously absent.  HOWEVER, they are now taking nominations for theirr heroine tournament and Amy is on the list.  They will only take the top girls with the most nominations into the tourney so if we want Amy to have a chance, we all need to vote for her.  Let's see if we can get Amy into the tournament to show our love and appreciation for Beth and the ATU series!  You can click the image below to go to the site and vote.  Each person can nominate up to 10 heroines.  Here at SOTS, we support books and characters who (like Velma from Scooby Doo) don't get enough play or props.  So vote for Amy and Aura from Shade, any girls who deserve some love!  Nominations will remain open until 12:01 AM CST on Thursday November 24.

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