Big Frexing News from Beth Revis and Razorbill!!!

AH!  We have totally HUGE news from Beth!  It's the cover for the second Across the Universe Trilogy book: A Million Suns!   *Fangirl Squeeing*

So I blew it up some so we could better bask in the glory of this cover.  Amy and Elder appear to be standing at the hatch- HOLDING HANDS!!! She is looking out at the stars and he is looking down??? Anyone want to come up with a say, 5 sentence or so description of WHAT is going on in this picture and WHY?  We'll give a signed bookplate and swag set to whoever has the idea that Beth deems "most worthy/interesting/creative."  This is open to our international friends too!   So go, what is happening in this image and why in 5 or so sentences.  We'll leave this open until the end of the month.  Be sure to leave an email or other way to contact you in the comment too! 


melannie (: said...

rgey are standing at the hatch! that's right! I have to admit that at first I thought that was the reflection from an austronaut's head hahahha

I was like HOLLY COW there's austronauts now?!?! does that mean people from earth have found Godspeed!?!?!?!

But your theory makes more sense :D

Now, the cover:
extra beautiful!!!!! I love how it kinda matches the paperback one, is it the same girl?? I don't know I get a feeling from it, with Amy and Elder on it, makes it different from AtU but not that different, cause I guess AtU also has them but I can't tell I mean you imply that those are them but...

*endless babbling*

Sorry! I just get excited whenever I talk about this series <3

J.L. Campbell said...

Not entering the contest, but I'm thinking 'And I haven't read the first book yet!' :)

Mindy fangedmom said...

Soooo living this cover!!! Not entering content of course but want to hear ur opinions on this cover????? Can't wait to read this book. Bet Mega and I have another 3 hour discussion on it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm....love the cover....trying to think....cover pretty....

Amy could be entranced by the stars and then finds out that they are all tinny suns. Elder is looking down because he thinks he sees an alien race, or another ship with people!!!!!!

i know mine sounds crazy but i try to sound crazy...hehehe


Katrina W said...

A million suns,,

Mabye their is more than one ship, they are headed to another plain of existance, which consists of one million suns, but which one is the right one ? They are looking out wandering which one it is ? A galaxy of stars, which one is their home ? Where are they headed is their an end to their trip on the godspeed ?

Hmmm will add a better thought after I have read more mabye :)



** love the cover ** Its definelty a secert in the stars !

Michele said...

YEAH!! Love the cover!!

sophie said...

Amy and/or Elder maybe call the stars "a million suns"

I think that the big galaxy is their final destination. It looks as if it's closer than Eldest thought.

Elder and Amy are holding hands because they're in love. Amy is excited to get there because she will see her parents and start a new life, but Elder knows once they get off the ship everything will be different and he and Amy may not be together. He doesn't want to arrive there and that's why he's looking down.

Shelby Rodewald said...

I can't wait to read the second book! Loving the first so far! This cover is beautiful. When I think about it, it looks like they are in love (Duh!). Amy is looking out into the depths of space waiting for chance to reunite with her parents. Elder is looking down, which to me it feels like he knows that something is going to happen when they reach the new planet. Dun! Dun! Duuunnnn!!!

Brandy said...

I like what Sophie said!

SPOILER: I also figured they were looking out the hatch. Amy is looking towards the future while Elder is still wrestling - with the loss of Harley, Eldest, responibilities, etc.

Alex @ The Blethering Bookworm said...

Well when I think of Suns I think of a life source so maybe 'million suns' is referring to lots of other planets that could possibly be habitable...

anyway onto the picture.

This picture makes me sad actually.

Elders body language strikes me as being apprehensive (perhaps not wanting the life he has known to change) and yet Amy seems to be moving forward - accepting a new life that could be waiting under one of the 'million suns' perhaps, and the slight distances between then makes it seem as though Amy is moving away from Eldest. Maybe that is why he is looking down, he is trying to let her go...

Romantic and sad at the same time.

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Now I can read everyone elses thoughts :)

Megan said...

Alex, I think you may be onto something. On the cover of AtU, Elder's eyes are open and Amy's are not. Maybe because she's frozen but to me it was a sign of him reaching out to her and her being closed to it. On the Million Suns cover, she is looking out and toward something but Elder is looking away from Amy and the stars.... not a good sign for them in my estimation!! :( But at least Amy's holding his hand, right?!