Day 3 AtU Read Along Ch. 13-18

Here we are on Day 3 of the Read Along and things are heating up, if I do say so myself.  Last time, we heard about Amy's crazy glass coffin dreams and Elder first saw Amy, was drawn to her by her hair, then he and Doc found her thawed out and freaked out.  Now, let's continue and see what Amy thinks of Elder, since we already know what he thinks of her.

Ch. 13 - Amy describes the painful process of being unfrozen.  She can tell, even though her eyes are still sealed shut, that there are two people touching her.  She can feel a set of gentle hands (Elder) and a rough set of hands (Doc).  Elder is kind, gentle and speaks to her as they work.  Doc is rough, hard and all business.  Amy first sees Elder and describes how she sees him in that moment.  She wants to trust him.

What do you think of Amy's first impression of Elder?

Ch. 14 - Elder talks with Doc about Amy's thawing.  Doc calls Eldest.  Elder feels the need to protect Amy now that she looks so small and helpless.  Eldest and Do talk over and around Elder about someone else does this before.

What do you think they're talking about?

Ch. 15 - Amy wakes to find Elder asleep in the chair next to her bed.  She analyzes his appearance.  When he tells her that her parents are still frozen and that they will stay that way for another 49 years, 266 days- Amy feels more alone than she has ever felt.

How do you think Amy took the news about her thawing but not her parents?

Did she handle it well?  How would you have handled the news if it were you?

Ch. 16 - When Amy begins to cry- Elder gets the frex out of there- typical guy.  He heads to the garden to pick her some flowers, thinking about how he can help her.  Elder ignores the Wi-com from Eldest then finds Eldest right behind him.  Eldest tells him to go to the learning center and Elder refuses.  Eldest punishes him by making his Wi-com buzz painfully in his ear.  Elder tries to go see Amy but bumps into Orion and Harley instead.  Orion tells him to go to the learning center and to not fight it.  Elder ends up running to the learning center.

What do you think of Eldest right now?

Ch. 17 - Doc talks to Amy about how she can not be refrozen and that her parents are not going to be thawed.  Amy feels out of place on the ship and angry at the whole situation.  Doc tells Amy that she must find a way to occupy her time on the ship and reinforces the fact that her life on Earth is over and that she must build a new life on the Godspeed.  Amy is thrown by the idea that there are no other teens on the ship... except for Elder and now her.  Eldest comes in and tells Amy that he will not stand for any disturbance on his ship.

What do you think about Eldest and Doc as they speak to Amy?

Ch. 18 - Eldest and Elder talk about Amy.  Elder thinks about what he'd like to do with her.  Eldest descides to let Elder see first hand how difference causes discord.  He then tries to talk about the upcoming Season with Elder- who does NOT want to talk about it.  After Eldest is called off to the Shipper level, Harley coms Elder about Amy.  Elder sneaks into Eldest's quarters and finds a model of the reactors that fuel the ship, alcohol and inhibitor medication.  Eldest bursts into Elder's room and they rush off.

What do you think of the things that Elder found in Eldest's quarters?

Amy and Elder are both awake on the Godspeed now and the action is starting to pick up!  Hope to see you back here on July 11th when we cover chapters 19-24.  Remember to leave your answers to the discussion questions below and add whatever you like to the discussion!

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Michele said...

CH13: I think AMy feels that Elder is trying is best to help her so she feels its best to trust him.

Ch14: I think they are talking about that maybe someone was unfrozen before.

Ch15: I think Amy handled it very well under the circumstances..I don't think she wants to be alone, but realizes that her parents skills are needed when they do reach the final destination.

I don't think I would have handled it well at all!!

ch17: I think Eldest is very controlling...

ch18: I think Elder is learning that Eldest isn't teaching him everything he needs to know and is keeping secrets...

Shelby Rodewald said...

Chapter 13: I think Amy is cautious of Elder, but he seems really kind and gentle. I just love the way Elder is taken with Amy :)

Chapter 14: I think they are talking about the old elder or accusing one another.

Chapter 15: I think she handled the thawing news rather well. I think I would have had a mental breakdown instead of just tossing a cup of pencils.

Chapter 16: Right now I can't stand Eldest. I just dont like his nastiness towards Amy and the fact that he is so secretive all the time.

Chapter 17: I think that Doc knows better than to say to much with Eldest around. It makes me think of him as cowardice, but maybe he is just smart. I think Eldest is a jerk to Amy and was very serious about threatening her if she causes trouble on the ship.

Chapter 18: I think Elder is finding out that he is going to have to figure a lot of things out on his own after finding the model in Eldests room.

I'm really excited to have caught up finally, and that I'm able to participate in the discussion. I can't wait to find out what happens between Elder and Amy..and to also see what happens with Orion.

Brandy said...

Ch. 13: I think her first impression ties into her first knowledge of him touching her and caring for her. He was the one that was concerned with comforting her rather than just the physical mechanics of making sure she survived. He wanted to take care of her emotionally as well.

Ch 15: I think she took the news pretty well. (Way better than I think I would have!) The whole reason that she went through with the freezing was so that she could stay with her parents - and now she finds that she will live out most of her life while they are still frozen!

Ch 16: Eldest is just a big bully! Controlling & manipulative - Can you tell I don't like him? :)

Ch 18: Can't answer that question since I have already read ;)

Katrina W said...

Ch13 Amy hears the kindess in his words and knows he is trying to help her, she finds him soft, and reassuring.

Mabye they are talking about whom -has once again interferred with the boxes, power, if its happened before mabye its the same person ? Mabye this person is hidden somewhere ? or they are unsure >>


Amy was quiet rational,maybe the whole scenerio will catch up with her. Waking up, after planning and deciding to be frozen with her parents and to find herself alone. She must be having many thoughts.
If it was me, Id be very upset, I would be concerned about aging, 49 years later you would see your parents, be older while they are younger ! This thought is somewhat very upsetting and scary to me.

Chap 16

Eldest is controlling and cold. No feelings just his duty is his main concern. It seems he has no heart, he existance is meer neccesity ?
HEARTLESS AND COLD, IM NOT REALLY LIKING HIS FRONT, his lack of caring or deemener.

Chap 17
It seems Eldest is trying to scare her, let her know he means business, where as Doc is reassuring she is safe. But standing back whilst Eldest is around. Slightly heldback..
I find that ELdest is quiet overpowering in his own way towards her, but Im glad Amy does stand her ground. Im sure Doc has something up his sleeve.. Whilst Eldest is not around he is quiet caring of her .

Chapter 18

Eldest had more secerts he is keeping from Elder. The medicine maybe more than med for insanity lol.. he seems rushed to help him learn about discord. Mabye something else is up ? The things he find, mabye he indulges in medicine and alchol to numb his feelings ? Drugs can do this !

** Am now curious how the season thing works, ? I think Elder is to.. I wander if they let Elder and Amy fall in love..


Sophie said...

13. Doc seems only concerned about getting her out of the liquid alive. On the other hand, Elder seems like a very kind and gentle person--he is trying to reassure her and make sure she is okay.

14. They are probably trying to figure out who unplugged her and how they managed to do it--is it the same person?

15. The only reason why she went on the ship was to be with her parents--now she realizes that it will all be for nothing. By the time they reach the planet, she will be as old or older than they are. Instead of living out a happy life on Earth, she will be confined to the ship for another fifty years.

She handled it relatively well. Had I been her, I would have gone into hysterics and knock more than just pencils down.

16. Eldest is a cruel dictator who will not accept no for an answer. He controls everyone and will punish anyone who gets in his way. I HATE HIM!

17. Doc and Eldest don't feel sympathetic towards Amy AT ALL. They just need to make sure she doesn't disrupt ordinary life on the Godspeed. I think Doc might have been more kind to her had Eldest not been there (maybe). Eldest is a jerk.

18. Elder starts to realize that much more is being kept secret from him than he thought. Perhaps Eldest is keeping more from Elder than he should...

Melissa/welachild said...

I like that Amy trusts Elder.
Doc and Eldest have secrets hidden from each other?!? I think secrets should be the first cause of discord. Doc acts like he is following Eldest's orders but his secrets tell otherwise, and may end up causing trouble. Even though I can't stand Eldest right now, I do think he is doing what he thinks is best for the ship. But he is acting on the premise that he can't trust anyone. I have a feeling, before the story is over Eldest will have to trust Elder to avoid catastrophe.
I think Amy took the news of being the lone unthawed person courageously. I would have had a panic attack!! Instead of panicking, Amy tries to play by their rules, even though Doc and Eldest have shown little sympathy for her predicament. Now Amy and Elder are gonna have to team up to figure out what us going on! And hopefully change Eldest's mind about no differences and being such a dictator.
I don't know what to think about what Elder found in Eldest's room.

Megan said...

Awesome comments and answers ladies!! I don't like Doc so much myself. Medication does NOT solve all problems. and he could use some himself, I think. Doc has some serious OCD. Eldest is just obnoxious. But I think a lot of the difference between him and Doc and Elder is the generational gap and the experiences that they have each faced. I still totally click dislike on Eldest though!

I love that Elder seems to feel something but because he was raised to think that Love is a myth, he assumes that everything he feels is purely biological. It's kind of comical.

IdentitySeeker said...

C13: It was warming to note that Amy is able to recognise Elder for the soft, gentle and good-natured person he is. It would have been difficult to read on if she had a negative first impression of him.

C14: I can’t help but think at this point that the ‘someone’ they’re talking about is also the mysterious previous ‘Elder’ who was supposed to be managing the present generation but turned out to be incapable. I expect that he was punished in some way, but I don’t think he was killed, so they may be afraid that he’s responsible for the unfreezing.

C15: I think that Amy was understandably shocked but put on a brave front. Her feelings of loneliness allow me to sympathise with her subsequent unwillingness to go on remaining unfrozen without her parents.
I think that Amy handled the news rather well, for her age and situation. If it were me in that situation, I would feel very lonely and would remain in shock and denial for a day or two until I inevitably surrendered to my situation and tried to make the most of it.

C16: I think that Eldest is a big bully- a tyrant- who’s used to getting his way and he seems to be unnaturally uncomfortable about Elder’s attempts to disobey him.

C17: While Doc provides the voice of calm and reason that Amy so badly needs, Eldest appears even more despicable through his act of callousness and unsympathetic nature. He appears to be a hardened old man.

C18: Knowing that Eldest has been occupied with matters in the Engine room, it doesn’t come a surprise to see that he keeps a miniature model of the engine in his room. The alcohol hints at an escape from all the worry and responsibility he faces daily and which are becoming increasingly burdensome. The Inhibitor pills continue to worry and fascinate me as I don’t really think they are for mad people, as the people in the Ward don’t appear to be mad either and the responsibility of the entire ship and all its people cannot safely be placed in the hands of a mad man.


LitzaLou said...

Ch 13 - I think Amy's first impression of Elder is the same that I got. He just wants to help. I like that he's so gentle with her, unlike Doc who just sees her as a number and a problem.

Ch 14 - Well, I know the answer to this question... but I'm not sayin'! Just you wait! I think it's so cute how protective Elder is toward Amy. Aw!

Ch 15 - If I were to hear that news at that age, I would be so depressed & probably start bawling. Either that or I'd just close myself off from it... meh. I think Amy handled it very well, though it was clear that it was really hard for her. She's so close to her parents, it's no wonder it struck her so hard.

Ch 16 - What a jerk! That's seriously cruel to cause all that static and whatnot in his ear. I'm glad that Elder finally tried to stand up to Eldest, though... it's just a shame that it didn't seem to work.

Ch 17 - They're so cold toward Amy. She's been through A LOT and they don't seem to want to help her at all; they're just worried about what this means for them & the ship. Poor girl!

Ch 18 - I think it's funny how Elder finds it amusing that Eldest is messy like him. Haha! I think Eldest's room shows he's human. He has worries and stuff just like everybody else... Elder can see that but he also feels betrayed that Eldest doesn't trust him to tell him he's on "mental meds" too. Eldest is very much a private, stressed person...