Day 4 AtU Read Along Ch. 19-24

Here we are for Day 3!  Amy is getting used to her new life on the Godspeed and Elder is obsessing over Amy and angry with Eldest.  Onward!

Ch. 19 - Amy examines her new room and clothes.  She's surprised by the clothes being handmade and begins to figure out how the technology in her room works.  She decides that she has to protect her parents and learn more about the ship.  She looks out her window at the rest of the Feeder level and wonders where Elder lives.  Amy is less than impressed with their fake sun and sky.

How do you think Amy is acclimating to her new surroundings?

Ch. 20 - Elder and Eldest go to the cryo level to meet Doc.  Elder and Eldest find Doc with a dead man who died when his glass box was taken out to thaw and the lid was left on.  Doc and Eldest seem to argue over the how of the man's death but much of it goes over Elder's head.  Then Doc, Elder and Eldest release the body into space and Elder finally sees real stars.

What do you think happened to Number 100: William Robertson?  

What do you think that Eldest and Doc know but aren't sharing with Elder?

Ch. 21- Amy is in her room preparing to go for a run.  She runs out from the hospital and onto the farm on the Feeder level.  The feeders that she encounters treat her as if she is a something and not a someone.  Steela, an older feeder woman who used to live in the Ward, saves Amy from the growing crowd and tells Amy about the difference between those people who live in the Ward and the rest of the Feeders.  Amy races back towards the hospital.

How do you think it felt for Amy to go from the life she remembers from Earth to this place where she is too different to be accepted?

Ch. 22- Elder is still standing at the hatch while Eldest and Doc talk over him about the dead man.  Elder is obviously shaken by his first sight of REAL stars.

How do you think you'd feel in his place?

Ch. 23- Amy is having a breakdown on the path between the Recorder Hall and the hospital when Orion finds her and brings her into the Recorder Hall to clean her up.  Amy finds the globe of Sol-Earth and rushes to it.  She tells Orion that she's fine.

Do you think Amy will make it on the Godspeed?

Ch. 24-  Eldest controfts Elder on what he should do in this situation as leader of the ship.  Elder suggests they check the Wi-com and Vid records but find that they do not shed any light on the situation.  They find that only Doc was shown to be down on the cryo level.  Doc and Eldest keep talking about this happening before and it being "him" again.

Who/what do you think they mean?

Well, that takes us through to the end of chapter 24.  Be sure to come back on the 13th when Mindy takes over starting at chapter 25!!  Hope to see you then!

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Katrina W said...

Chapter 19
I dont think Amy is atm, she is feeling trapped, overwhelmed and slightly confused at the amount of technology present. She is definelty curious, but I think it will take time. She seemed to find her way around easily..I think it will be gradual.. Her acclimating.

Chapter 20

His power button was purposely turned off for what reason ,, Im unsure. Mabye someone is trying to proove a point. They obvioulsy wanted him dead for some reason??

I think that Doc and Elder have an idea whom it might be, the person who interferred last time or mabye somone connected to him. They definelty know something they are not sharing with Elder.

Chapter 21

Amy felt lost like she is an alien in a differnt world. She is feeling lost, homesick even, the life she lost seems like a dream to her now I suppose. She feels like a monster with two heads ?? lol.

Chapter 22

Id feel amazed and have gobsmacked to. This brings about some sense of reality. At least I know they are real and mabye someday Ill see them again !. A sense of hope..

Chapter 23

I think with Orions fatherly figure and help and friendship she will, she is tougher than she thinks. I also think once her and Elder meet more that the friendship will help her survive.
I do think she will survive the Godspeed.

Chapter 24

I think it must be the last Elder mabye he is not dead, or the influence from him ?? Mabye before the last Elder was killed - died he told someone ??

** Someone is defintly out to sabatage the frozen people but for what reason ? I hope to see more of Amy and Elder in the next chapters.. and also Orion he has me intrigued, I think he is Elder dad !!


Sophie said...

19. Although Amy is slowly starting to understand how the life on the Godspeed is, she knows she will never be able to get used to it. She wants to understand but is confused at the same time.

20. Can't say--read the book :)

21. Even signing up for the trip was hard--she had to let go of her whole life and trust all of the people on the ship that they would make it to the new planet and that life would be the same. It's bad enough that she woke up in a place where everything was different--but to realize it's not the place she planned on waking up? It's very hard.

22. I would feel amazed. But also, I would realize that there is so much out there that I didn't know about. Elder had no idea that space looked like it did until he saw it with his own eyes. I would also want to see more :)

23-24. Can't say!

Melissa/welachild said...

I really like Amy! Instead of being angry or wallowing in grief, she is taking in her surroundings and creating a plan. She has made her parents safety a priority instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself, which would be very understandable.
Whatever happened to #100, I think it is a message for Eldest. Whoever is doing this has an agenda and I think Doc and Eldest already have a good idea of what and by whom.
Amy already feels so alone and now she has to deal with being completely different from the people on Godspeed. The reaction of the people she encounters is a good example why I think Eldest is wrong-- it isn't the lack of difference that prevents chaos, it's people's ability to handle difference that prevents it. I feel really bad for the people on the ship.
I think Amy will be alright because she's smart, level-headed and she isn't under the control of Eldest like everyone else is.

Megan said...

good points again today ladies! :) Mindy takes over on Wednesday- Hope to see ya'll then!!

Michele said...

CH19: I think under the circumstances, Amy is adjusting very well to everything that's around her. I also feel that she knows that she doesn't have a choice not to!!

Ch20: I think someone purposely unthawed him.

Can't answer the second question because I'm finished!!

Ch21: I think deep down she is really confused about it. On Earth, she had friends, was popular, had a boyfriend, on Godspeed, she's like an outcast and doesn't understand why and the differences of the people.

Ch22: Well I think I would be shocked too...living inside of a ship and seeing nothing but the metal walls...and in one instance, realize that their is so much more out there. It would really make you feel insignificant.

Ch23: I think she will...even though she cries a lot, I still feel that she is a very strong character

Ch24: I know who "him" is!!!!

IdentitySeeker said...

C19: I think that Amy is adapting rather well and at a rather fast rate. She seems to be a survivor and not one for moping around- something I respect in heroines.

C20: I think that someone intentionally left him out to thaw in the sealed glass box and suffocate to death. He was murdered.
I think that Eldest and Doc suspect someone in particular but are not willing to reveal that person’s identity to Elder.

C21: Amy must feel even lonelier now that people see her as some sort of freak and her only intelligible social interactions take place with a limited number of people in the hospital. Having agreed to be frozen to be with her parents, she has realised that she gave it all up for nothing as they are with her when she’s been unfrozen and needs them most.

C22: Seeing something as beautiful and enchanting as the stars for the first time would leave me dazed as well if I were in his shoes.

C23: I think Amy’s a survivor and can adapt well to environment on board Godspeed, so I think she’ll make it. Her breakdown is understandable.

C24: The ‘him’ they’re referring to is obviously the former troublemaker and their prime suspect who’s identity they’re trying to keep secret.


LitzaLou said...

Ch 19 - I think it's going to take her time to acclimate, but she seems to be going at a good pace. I don't blame her for not being impressed by the fake sun & sky. Everything is so different from what she's used to, it would definitely take a while to become familiar with it all.

Ch 20 - I think someone unplugged him like they did to Amy. Poor guy... what a way to go! His last moments were of panic & probably anger.

I know what they know but aren't sharing... ahem. :)

Ch 21 - It must be quite a shock! I mean, it looked like that guy was ready to attack her, simply because she was different. It seems as though no matter where she turns, she just can't escape the harsh reality of her new home.

Ch 22 - I think I'd feel claustrophobic. They're on a ship in space and yet they don't have a view of the stars? How awful would that be?! I like being able to move around and it would be terribly stifling to be stuck there. Not to mention that everything is so very different from life here on Earth... it would be tough.

Ch 23 - I think she's a strong person, so I it's definitely possible that she'll end up being okay in the end. But who really knows? I also have to mention that I think it's kind of cute how Orion fathers her a little when she's so distraught. It's very nice to see her treated so nicely after all the shockers she's had.

Ch 24 - I know! I know! My lips are sealed, though. :)