Day 5: AtU Read Along Ch. 25-30

Here we are on Day 5 of life on Godspeed. Current events have Amy in a crazed state of mind. Lets find out why!

Ch 25: AMY:
Amy sees a man from the Hospital ward. She is told he is having strange memories. The nurses are cold and calculating. This bothers Amy. The nurse states that "it is his time". Amy is saddened by this. Amy meets Harley for the first time. He introduces her to everyone on his wing of the ship. Harley reminds Amy of Elder in a way. Everyone is curious about her. Many comments are made about her pale features and her bright hair. Amy thinks by telling everyone abou Sole Earth, she will gain their trust and friendship.

1. Where do you think the older man is being taken?
2. Why do you think everyone is so intrigued by Amy's features?

Ch 26: ELDER:
Eldest & Elder are quite upset about Amy stirring everyone up with her stories of Sole Earth. Eldest and Doc speak of "The Season" coming soon and will make everyone forget Amy's crazy stories. Eldest makes an announcement over the WiCom. He states they have a new resident with pale skin and birght hair. She is a science experiment, harmless and prone to lying. She is a freak and should be treated as such.

1. Why do you think Eldest labeled Amy as a "freak" to everyone on the ship?

Ch 27: AMY:
Sitting with Harley in his ward, Guitar player says they are not crazy. Victria is reading an ancient, leather bound book. Amy is puzzled as to where she got it from! Victria reveals that they take mental meds to stay sane. Harley says they are all insane. Amy argues with them. Amy tells them that they don’t act crazy at all. Guitar players says ALL CALL. We have not had one since Elder died. Everyones stops to listen but Amy as she does not have wi com/ Harley calls it a “load of shiite”. Will nto tell Amy what it is. Victria calls her a freak…starts yelling at her, calling her a liar! Amy has no clue what everyone heard Eldest telling them in their wi com! Everyone but Harley is super mad at her. Amy is so confused. Harley takes her out of the hostile room.

1. How would you feel if like Amy, suddenly a whole room full of strangers turned on you? Started calling you a freak and you have no clue why?

Ch28: Elder:
Goes to visit Amy and Harley is there. Slight jealousy on Elders part??? Harley is sketching in coal on the walls. Elder states to Harley that he is no longer drawing his Koi. This does not mean anything to Amy. Harley gives Amy the nickname Little Fish. Elder is very upset at this as you can just sense the jealousy! Harley calls Elder boy and Elder wants to punch him. She then takes a drink of water & flinches. Elder asks what is wrong and Amy states “headache”.  Elder tells Amy that Eldest sent the all call that she is simple, slow & a freak.

Harley is obsessed with stars. He loves that Amy used to see the stars with her family. Harley loves the stars and loves to hear about them. He is drawing them on the walls of Amy’s room. Amy tells Harley that they are spread out more & different shapes. Harley says” YOU HAVE SEEN THE STARS”?? Amy is honest and tells Harley about the hatchdoor for the dead that they saw the stars through. Elder remembers when harley had his last “downward spiral”.  Not on the feeder level. Amy says can we see the stars? Elder wants to be the one to give Amy back her stars. Not Harley!! He tells Harley that Eldest wanted to throw her out hatch to keep life calm. Harley gets upset. Elder says that Eldest does not like disturbances. Amy compares Eldest to Hitler. Elder states that Eldest told him that Hitler was a wise culture leader for his people.  They ponder why Amy would be chosen to be put through the hatch. Elder knew about it b/c a man was killed.

1. Why would Eldest tell Elder that Hitler was a good leader instead of the monster he really was?
2. Why do you think Harley has such an obsession with the stars?

Ch29: Amy
Amy finds out that the only type of police force is Eldest on the ship. This bothers her. Amy is very worried about her frozen parents. As Elder and Amy are talking about her thawing out, she is quite upset and telling Elder about this. Trying to breathe, wanting to rip the tubes out of her throat (I am almost hyperventilation just reading this…OMG)!!

Elder keeps encouraging Amy to drink her water. She has drank a glass full but he keeps refilling it. Amy notices a bitter aftertaste in the water. She feels a little calmer and is a little surprised. She then states that “how would you feel if these were your parents’. Elder admits he has never known his parents. Amy writes her name in paint across the wall of her room. She writes everything that could make her a target for the killer. Elder then accesses the Eldest/Elder records to review the deceased frozen man.  Amy sees the information on her. She sees that they labeled her a non essential. She writes this on the wall. Elder states she is not non essential. The black paint runs down the wall.
1. What do you see as the foreshadowing in this chapter, if any?


Amy is trying to keep her chin up and deep down, Elder knows this is hurting Amy. The stares & all the whispering from the others on the ship have to be getting to her.

Elder, Amy & Harley go down to the cryo chamber level. She asks where her parents are. Elder does not know but offers to find them. Amy says not today! Harley wants to know where the hatch is. He wants to see the stars. They let him go exploring. Amy wants to see where Mr Robertsons was kept and they stop at #100. Amy reaches out but stops. Elder thinks she is imaging her parents or herself laying on that table. Amy wants to CSI the crime scene. Amy sparks back up and calls for Harley to use his art supplies. Elder uses his com link to find Harley. He tells harley to get his art supplies. Harley agress ONLY if Elder shows him the hatch to the stars.

Amy then asks Elder about the wi com/com link. Tiny headsets//embedded in your skin. Brushes the wi com. Amy is intrigued by it. She leans in and he can feel her breath on his ear. She brushes the wi com with her finger. Elder is overcome the emotion to seize her and crush her mouth with his! Elder panics and says Doc can get you one if you like. Elder is not sure if Amy realizes how much he wants to embrace her!  She declined the wi com for now. 

Harley brings his art box. She finds the charcoal and crushes it. Harley gets upset as he has to make it himself. She uses a brush and picks up the power. She brushes it across handle and finds prints. Elder scans it with the floppy. The print dispays in seconds. He accesses the biometric scanners. The floppy beeps and it shows up as Elders print. Harley says it says Elder/Eldest. We have the same access. It always shows both of our names. Checked the biometric scanner and Eldest was not down there earlier. 4 docs, 12 of elder/eldest. Amy found another one. It is a thumb print. It comes up as Elder/Eldest . It has a slight scar in the print. Elder does not see any scar on his thumb at all. Amy, Harley and Elder are quite puzzled as where this print came from. It shows as Elder/Eldest but Elder knows it was neither of them that left the print.  Elder asks Harley to watch over the frozens if he lets him spend the night in the hatch. He gives Harley all the info and programs it so Harley and Amy both have full access to it. Elder then gives Amy access to the floppy. Elder then blurts out to amy “DOYOUWANTTOSEETHEGARDENWITHME”. Amy smiles and says “WHAT”? Elder can see in Amy that she really wants to see the stars too. How can he compete with that. Amy says “Sure” to the garden question.

1. What emotions do you see developing with Elder in this chapter?
2. What do you think is the significance of the fingerprints?

In case you don't know me very well, my nickname is Brooke, as in "Babbles like a". I am a talker. My posts are probably going to be a little longer as I am a talker. So if this is bothering you or you want me to shorten them, hollar me ok? (OK after previewing this, I promise to shorten it with the rest of my posts. I just get excited and feel that I need to include everything. I am LIVING this book right now)!!!

Thanks for following along! See you at Chapter 31-36 on July 15th!



Katrina W said...

Chap 25
Maybe he has been taken to a room and given meds to make him sleep forever. Mabye then they disspose of his body though the shoot ?

Every is intrigued with Amy as her hair is bright red, her skin pale as a ghost and she talks differntly and of course very freely. She is probably a little more outspoken then the rest.

Chap 26
Eldest named her a freak so that the people will steer clear of her, make them not be interested in her stories of Planet earth.Mabye Eldest has fed them lies of the past and wants nothing to be known of previous existance? so he makes her out to be a liar so she is not believed? Maybe he is once again hiding something of the truth .

Chapter 27

How would I feel ? Id feel trapped, offended and hurt considering none of it was true. Id want to explain myself and defend myself completley. A freak is harsh - it really is ment for people in mental wards with serious issues. Id find out why he told them that or ask >

Chapt 28

1.It seems that Eldest lies about everything, Hitler being the cruel man he was, he is trying to portray a strong leader so that Elder can follow in his footsteps. Give him motivtion and something Elder can refer to ** I am strong just like Hilter I will be a good leader *
2. Harley has never seen the stars, anything unseen is always a mystery. The unknown To Harley would be interesting. They twinkle, they are bright and he loves to paint bright things ?

Chapter 29

The water contains something ? to calm the people ? is this some form of control.

or trying to find a link to why the two people have been unfrozen?

Chapter 30

Elder is growing of his own accord. Making his own decisions, and I think starting to wander himelf. His feelings towards Amy are more prominant .. he is finding it hard not to show her how he feels. He wants to get close to her and he is not sure why i asume lo...

Fingerprints, to show who has been tampering with the box besides the three origninally. Who the murderer is, ..

my thoughts >> I think Genetically that Elder, eldest, and the other are all genetically linked, so this murderer may just be the third Elder who died ?? hmmmm


Mindy fangedmom said...

Great job Kat!! Love your answers above!!

Melissa/welachild said...

1. I get the sense that older people are euthanized when they start to become senile. The people who Amy first encountered in the city, reminded me of zombies. The nurses and the couple reminded me of that also, it's like they are all sedated or something.
2. Amy is so intriguing to the people on Godspeed because she is different. When you spend your life only seeing people who look like you, seeing some who is the complete opposite would be strange and make everyone uncomfortable. 
1. Eldest labeled Amy a freak because people feel more comfortable when they've placed people in a box. Before Eldest spoke, the people were probably asking themselves questions about Amy. Hence, they were actually thinking for themselves, which doesn't seem to happen a lot on Godspeed. When Eldest labels her, everyone essentially breathes a sigh of relief-- they don't have to figure Amy out anymore because Eldest has told them what to think.
1. I would definitely feel weird if everyone suddenly thought I was a freak after listening to something I couldn't hear but at the same time I would rather be a freak than zombie automatons like them ;) but that's just me!
1. I don't think Eldest sees Hitler as a monster. He probably admires Hitlers ability to persuade tons of people to feel and do as he says. Essentially, that is what Eldest is trying to do-- that's the whole point of having Eldest/Elders. And speaking of Hitler, the Nazis performed lots of euthanasia, which may be a model for what happens to old people on Godspeed, maybe????
2. Harley has an obsession with the stars because unlike all the "non-crazies" he asks questions. He realizes there is something beyond the ship.
1.  There is definitely something in the water. 
1. Elder is displaying a lot of sexual tension, which is another thing that doesn't seem to happen to the others. It makes me think that his water isn't drugged. The scientist can probably add drugs to the water supply on different levels according to need.

 I tend to go on and on too Mindy! But this book has got me hooked and I love trying to guess what will happen next!

Shelby Rodewald said...

Chapter 25: I think they are going to put the old man to death. I'm hoping not :( Also, I think everyone is intrigued by Amy because she doesn't look like ANYONE else!

Chapter 26. I think she is labeled a freak so everyone will leave her alone for the most part. Also, if she does say anything no one will believe her.

Chapter 27: OMG! I dont think I would ever come out of my room again! Amy is so tough!

Chapter 28: Because Hitler wanted to create a perfect society..so is Eldest. And I honestly dont know why Harley is obsessed with the stars. Maybe he has heard how beautiful they are.

Chapter 29: I think that what will happen is someone targeting the solar earth people and that Amy's life is in danger along with her parents.

Chapter 30: I think Elder is falling for Amy. He loves how beautiful and different she is. He's like a nervous teenager :) And I think the fingerprints will help them figure out who is behind all of this. See you again soon!

Michele said...

Ch25: I think the old man is being taken away because he isn't any use to the population anymore and will be "disposed" of.

I don't think they are used to seeing any other features except for their own dark skin and hair/eyes
Ch26: I think he labeled her that so they would be scared of her and stay away from her and not learn about real Earth...or Sol-Earth

Ch27: Well it would be completely upsetting and I would think they were the ones that were the freaks if it wasn't explained to me why everyone stops talking at once, tilts their head and listens!!

Ch28: Because really the leadership on Godspeed is just like the rule that Hitler wanted...only wanted one race...and complete control

Harley is obsessed with the stars i think because they remind him of his girlfriend.

Ch29 I didn't quit understand this question!

Ch30 Elder is starting to fall for Amy....

I know the significance of the finger prints and dont want to leave any spoilers

Megan said...

Great insight again today ladies!

Megan said...

I have to fess up to something. (And hopefully, I won't make Beth totally hate me.) When I first read this book, I HATED that she used the Hitler reference. My hubby's degree is Grades 7-12 Social Studies Education, so I spend a fair amount of time doing history stuff with him. So, I know that in all actuality, Hitler was not the WORST dictatorial leader guilty of genocide. Mao Ze-Dong holds that distinction, statistically. Mao was responsible for between 49 and 78,000,000 deaths. Then comes Stalin with 23,000,000 and then Hitler with 12,000,000 (that number includes the concentration camps and civilians killing during WWII). So Stalin or Mao should cause the same (or worse) knee jerk, gut reaction when mentioned but they don't and Hitler does because he is known primarily for the genocide. (Please note, I am NOT condoning ANY of these men. They are all varying degrees of evil.) I get why Beth did it though- to get the immediate gut reaction that something is not right if Elder is being trained to think Hitler a great leader but as an educator and wife to a history person, I wanted to see kids going "who's Stalin?" and looking it up. (I know, I'm encouraging research in response to a novel being read for fun, please don't stone me!) Or Mao would have made sense too because I'm pretty sure the Beatles took issue with his genocides in China and Tibet and even mention it in the song: Revolution. Ok. now my ONLY problem with this whole book is off my chest. Please don't hate me, Beth!! I swear, I get why you used the historical references that you did- because EVERYONE knows who Lincoln and Hitler are and generally what they did- even if not everyone in the world believes that it is true. I swear I get it. I'm just too nerdy to like it I guess. ;)

Michele said...

Wow...Thanks for the histroy lession Megan...I had no idea...That's very interesting!!

Mindy fangedmom said...

That is one of the topics that Megan and I discussed too. I had no clue and loved the lesson. Hitler is def more well known as being the evil leader. Stalin & Mao have not received the attention that Hitler did for their crimes but it does not make them any less.

I guess that I agree with Megan & Beth both! hehe...I am Switzerland (sorry HAD to say it)!!!!

NO one could EVER hate you Megan. You are brilliant!

Sophie said...

Clicked the Preview button by accident and closed the window :(
So here's my comment, part two:

25. He is, as Amy is, inessential cargo now that he has no purpose on the ship. They are probably disposing of him (sounds really bad to put it like that!)
Amy is different from everyone else--both in appearance and demeanor. I think that's what intrigues them--they don't know who/what she is, or where she came from.

26. Eldest doesn't want the people to freak out because they don't know who this new girl is and where she came from--and he especially doesn't want them to question his knowledge of what goes on on the Godspeed.

27. I would feel angry because I wouldn't know why, and also upset because any chance--however small--I had of fitting in or making friends had now been destroyed.

28. Hitler wanted to achieve a monochromatic (for lack of a better word) world. And **SPOILER** records of history on Sol-Earth had been altered on the ship.
Harley is probably intrigued that something so beautiful--and something he never knew about--could exist outside the Godspeed.

29/30: Can't say...:)

IdentitySeeker said...

1.I think that the older man is being taken to a place in the hospital where they put old people to death because their “time has come”.
2.Everyone is intrigued by Amy’s unusual red hair and pale skin because, being a monoethnic society with similar skin and hair colours, they have never seen anyone who looks so vastly different before.

1.Eldest has labelled her a freak to make her appear unappealing and almost inhuman to other residents of the ship, so that there will be minimal interaction between her and others.

C27: I’d panic and fear the possible eruption of violence. I’d also feel hurt that people who were clinging on to my every word just a little while earlier, could be swayed to a new way of thinking and turn on me so easily.

C28: 1. It is obvious that Elder views Hitler as being a role model of sorts and Hitler’s ideas on there being one perfect, superior race could’ve influenced Eldest’s ideas on the value of monoethnicity and a passive, pliant population of followers. Also, I believe that Hitler’s ability to influence such large numbers of people and sway them to his way of thinking is something that Eldest aspires to.
2.Harley’s obsession with stars probably has something to do with the artist and the romantic in him. He appreciates the beauty of nature and probably knows that nothing so beautiful could be done justice to on a canvas.

C29: I can see the foreshadowing of romance in the coming chapters, as Elder is surprised that Amy thinks of herself as non-essential just because it states so in her records. I also feel that the water’s unnaturally calming effect will have some sensible but freaky explanation.

C30: 1. I see a great deal of sexual tension in Elder as he tries to grapple with his physical responses to Amy.
2.I find the fact that the print has a scar on it strange, especially since Elder doesn’t have a scar and doesn’t recall Eldest having one. I think that this will be of significance in the future. I don’t see how anyone could have faked Elders’s or Eldest’s prints to gain access.


LitzaLou said...

Ch 25 - They're so intrigued by her because she is so different looking than everyone and everything. I like how welcoming and friendly Harley is toward Amy. I knew I liked him for a reason!

As to where they're taking the old man? I know... yes, I know.

Ch 26 - So they'd ignore her, that's why. Well that reason & also because a jerk & control freak.

Ch 27 - I would be upset, without a doubt. Especially since the attack was so unprovoked. I might also start to believe what Harley said about them all being insane... since they attack people & call them names for no good reason. AND I'd want to know what the heck was going on. Grr. I'm so glad Harley was there to take her away from all of that.

Ch 28 - Why would Eldest tell Elder that? Because he was probably taught the same thing & truly believes it. Who knows what kind of things were misrepresented in the retelling of Earth's history? It's kind of scary, really; you can definitely see similarities between Hitler & how the ship is run.

Why wouldn't Harley have an obsession with stars? They're beautiful & he's never seen them. They're floating on this ship, surrounded by the things, & nobody has laid eyes on any! People are fascinated by things they haven't seen.

Ch 29 - I think I have an unfair advantage as I know what's going to happen. I like that Amy is trying to figure out who the murderer is, even if Eldest is doing nothing about it. Elder is just so adorable in this chapter when he whispers she's not non-essential. Aw!

Ch 30 - I think Elder is just becoming more and more fascinated with Amy... and he's liking her more and more too. Amy's really quite the genius to use the powder & brushes to search for fingerprints. It's a mystery that they're all invested in - well, except maybe Harley as he's obsessed with checking out the stars. Aw, bless.

The fingerprints are an interesting problem now, aren't they? You'll just have to wait and see! I love all the mystery and suspense & I can't wait until everyone who hasn't read the book already finds out what's going on! Happy reading!