Day 6: AtU Read Along Ch. 31-36

July 15 Day Six: Chapters 31-36

CH 31: Amy
Elder takes Amy to the Garden. Amy thinks there is a chaotic feel to it.  Amy asks Elder if every leader is called Eldest. She then says it is stupid and confusing. Amy is saddened by the fake rain. She is yet again reminded that she is on Godspeed and misses real rain clouds and rain.  Elder and Amy make fun of each other’s accents. The rain is in the ships original design. The feeder level was originally labeled Biological Research. Eldest engineers all the weather patterns.  Amy asks Elder why Eldest has not taught him all these things. Elder does not have an answer for her.  Amy thinks that Eldest is a dictator and Elder says he is a good leader. Amy calls him and old man and Edler thinks this is funny. Amy and Elder then discuss if Eldest would have really put her out in the hatch. They both agree that YES he would have. The couple on the bench are getting very friendly and Amy is taken back by this.

What type of person do you think Eldest is at this point? Do you think he has a hard or easy job?

Ch 32: Elder
The man and woman on the bench start getting naked. Amy is disgusted. Elder does not want to talk about The Season.  Elder is trying to see if Amy dislikes Elder the man or Elder the position. As they are talking, Elder touches Amy’s hair. This leads to their bodies getting very close. They are now kissing. Amy pulls away, crying.  She says “it is always in the rain, with Jason too”.  Elder feels terrible thinking he pushed Amy way too hard.  As Amy is reliving memories of Jason, she stops and realizes that the New York she left, is no longer that at all. She is not even sure if it still exists. She begins to run again and thinks “there is still Elder”.  Amy finds the cows that do not look at all like cows to her.

1.       What does Elder like the best about Amy?
2.       Why do you think Amy pulled away from Elder, upset and crying?

CH 33: Amy:
Amy misses Jason, misses everyone that used to be in her life. She thinks she should go relieve Harley from watching over the frozens because they are her parents.  She has never felt more alone. Amy wakes up all fuzzy feeling and the water does not help. Luthe is the only one in the common room and makes her very uncomfortable. Amy decides to go jogging. She then ends up full running. She loves the release of running. Amy runs into a girl a few years older than her, inoculating the rabbits. The girl abruptly states that Eldest said they do not have to talk to Amy.  Amy agrees trying not to growl. Amy tells her she can still be nice. The girl asks who Amy was running away from. Amy tried to explain why she runs but the girl states that it is not productive.

The girl cries as she speaks of her grandfather go to the hospital wing as it was his time. She cries but does not really seem to know what the emotions are for. The inoculations are not inoculations, they are genetic modification material. Amy tries to explain to the girl who she really is and how dangerous the genetic modification is. She tells the girl that she is not dumb and that Eldest lied about her. She tries to get the girl to read the screen to see that they are not inoculations.  She will not agree with Amy at all. She repeats again what Eldest has told her. Amy realizes that Eldest has absolute control.

1.       What is Amy’s running dream?
2.       What realization does Amy come to speaking with the girl giving the inoculations to?

CH 34: Elder:
Elder and Eldest carry on a conversation about how hard it is being the Eldest. Elder wonders what exactly Eldest has had to do over time that would make him so upset. Eldest then states that he hates The Season. Elder wonders if it is because he used to have a girlfriend. Eldest tells Elder to never get proud and to do whatever he has to do to keep everyone on the ship alive. Eldest asks Elder about the3rd cause of discord. Elder forgot about the question. Eldest gets upset and tells Elder to just go spend time with “the girl”. Eldest tells Elder that he realize what trouble she is.  Elder leaves Eldest and walks through the garden. All around him are the sounds of people mating. EVERYWHERE.

Elder goes to see Amy secretly hoping she is like the others on the ship during The Season. She is not he is disappointed. Amy is disgusted by The Season and Elder is confused. Why didn’t her parents tell her about the season? People are just like animals, they go into heat and mate. Amy says “it must be something in the water” with a fake laugh. She does not feel it is natural. Elder can only think about them turning 20 so they will be in The Season.

Amy wants to go see her parents and Elder goes with her. He looks up her parent’s # and she runs towards them. They get there and Elder offers to open them but Amy declines and just stands there.

1.       How do you think The Season has affected Edler? Do you think it swayed him in any way towards or away from Amy?
2.       Putting yourself in Amy’s shoes right now, what are you feeling and thinking about life on board Godspeed?

CH 35: Amy:
Wants to see her parents. She wants to trace their features. She does not want to see them as frozen meat.

1.       Explain your feelings on this very short but very moving chapter.

CH 36: Elder
Elder and Harley are talking about Elder taking a shift. Edler is worried about Harley’s meds. Not the ones they both take but…Edler can tell that Harley does not want Amy to hear about this so they stop the conversation.  Amy finds out she has a trunk onboard that she brought with her.

1.       Do you think that Amy will have them retrieve her trunk? What do you think will be in it?


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Katrina W said...
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Katrina W said...

Chapter 31.
I think ELdest needs to be a hard cold man to a certain extent, his job would not be easy. His coldness reflects his authority he is listened to and I assumed worshiped as the ship runs smoothly. Defiently a hard job ! A whole ship to run , with the people in it as well.

Chapter 32

1. Her differences.Her red hair, her sol earth background and the way she doesnt blindly follow eldest..
2. Because it brought back memories that upset her. Her first kiss with jason ? and mabye she is upset as they are memories from Earth. She misses them ?

Chapter 33

1. to run The New York City marathon in less than 2 1/2 hrs !
2. That the animals are genetically modified and that Eldest has complete control over everything. ELDEST CONTROL IS ABSOLUTE !
The young girl seems unknown as to her tears, obvioulsy she is upset but somehow it doestn register ? They seem to be lacking feelings as far as expressing them, mabye they are brain washed ??

Chapter 34

1. Seeing people mating would steer any normal person ? young persons hormones to react.. Feeling for Amy the way he does maybe he is hoping for their friendship to get stronger so one day they can to mate. I think his feelings would grow !

2. If I was Amy I would think the ship was unreal.. Fabricated, a world created genetically and fake. Godspeed seems like a mean to another world, everything is created genetically to last out the trip so that the end result will be people and a new life ?
Id think my life was rather non existant empty with nothing in it except Elder and his friendship.

Chapter 35

Amy sees them and realizes she cant love them ( feel them ) , or touch them . Their is no life there just frozen corpses waiting.She doesnt like what she sees, but she knows they are safe for now !

Chapter 36

Yes I think she will retreive her trunk afterall it has good memories, and Im sure she will share with Elder. Pictures of her family, her friends, her boyfriend back home, he favourite items, music mabye and her favourite running shoes ? Info as well to take to a new world !! To proof thats where she came from.

Wow ,, what a great five chapters, the mating thing seems very awkard, like they are genetically timed to have sex and mate,, What a horrible thought only being able to mate , to make the next generation !! hmmm They seem slightly void of feeling the population ! this has me curious


Melissa/welachild said...

I thought it was gross of the couple on the bench to get so physical with each other and now they are getting naked, ugh!
Just because Eldest has a hard job, doesn't give him the right to treat the people like animals. It's like they've all been brainwashed and so they act like animals.
Elder likes her differences from everyone else the best. He seems mesmerized by her hair and astonished at her attitude. But I can't believe they kissed and I think it surprised Amy too.
I feel sorry for her, she will never realize her dream of running NYC marathon but I felt even worse at the end of the chapter when she realizes Eldests absolute power over everyone. Everything looks kinda hopeless for her.
Elder is constantly thinking about the Season and Amy, hopefully. Luckily he's not the age or else he probably would have tried to get busy with Amy and that would have really freaked her out.
Amy's desire to see her parents is heartbreaking. They are so close but they are not.
I've already read past chapter 36, I have a feeling I'm gonna get way ahead of the read along. I just don't have the will power to stop :)

Michele said...

Second time with this...for some reason, it didn't post again and I lost it all...so these will be short answers!!

ch31: I think Eldest doesn't want to give up control.
I think Elder has a difficult job ahead of him to keep the ship running smoothly.

ch32: Elder likes that Amy has a mind of her own.
I think Amy is dealing with too much right now

Can't remember what Amy's running dream is...will have to look up.

She realizes that Eldest has complete control of all the people

ch34: I think the season has swayed Elder towards Amy because he doesn't want to be alone and doesn't have anyone to pair up with.

I think everyone one the ship is completely nuts!!

ch35: I think she wants to remember her parents as they were...

ch36: I think she will retrieve the trunk!!

Mindy fangedmom said...

Melissa, you go right ahead! It is hard to stop I know!!! Just answer the questions like you have not read ahead :0)

Sorry you had problems Michele! Blogger can be such a booger!

Katrina thanks for your insight!

I agree, these were some tough chapters to get through for sure!

Sophie said...

31. Eldest is a cold-hearted dictator. Eldest has a difficult job, but I don't think he handled certain decisions and aspects of the Godspeed very well. He doesn't have the right to, as Melissa said, "brainwash [them] so they act like animals"--there might be better ways to sustain life on the ship without having to alter people.

32. I think Elder likes how different Amy looks and acts from the rest of the people on the Godspeed.
She was reminded too much of Jason and is upset about many things--that extra year, not asking him about the "other girl", and how much she left back on Sol-Earth. She has a lot on her plate. I think she's been trying very hard to control her emotions and this just broke her.

33. I think the fact that her whole life will be different than she had thought was hard for Amy to grasp. She will never be able to accomplish her dream--running the NYC marathon.
Amy realizes that Eldest has complete control over the ship and she and Elder are probably the only people who would be willing to go against it.

34. Ugh, The Season is disgusting. They're like animals!
Elder's feelings towards Amy are getting stronger.
Life on the Godspeed is 100% controlled. It would freak me out.

35. Amy wants to see her parents again but realizes that to do that would be impossible for another 50 years--unless she herself would be willing to crush their dreams and wake them up. She probably wishes she had something to remember them as they were--not, as Beth Revis so nicely put it, blocks of frozen meat.

36. Yep. Can't say :)

IdentitySeeker said...

C31: At this point, I can’t help but think of Eldest as cold-hearted killer. I believe that his job is a very difficult and burdensome one that may call for hard decisions to be made, but they do not necessarily have to be harsh ones.
C32: 1. I think it is Amy’s difference (both in appearance and way of thinking) that appeals to Elder. He is drawn to her fiery and independent nature but is also fascinated by her physical differences.
2.I think that kissing Elder in the rain has caused her to relive her kiss in the rain with Jason and this brings back all the unanswered questions, unspoken words and uncertainty of her last days on Earth.
C33: 1. Amy’s running dream is to participate in the NYC Marathon and to possibly win it.
2.She comes to the realisation that Eldest has complete control over the minds of the people aboard the ship and that they are willing to blindly follow Eldest even when damning evidence of his true nature is placed before them.
C34: 1. The Season has definitely affected Elder, causing him to sway towards Amy in the hope that she is in an equally excited state.
2.If I was in Amy’s shoes, I’d be equal parts disgusted and curious as to why all people aboard the ship seem to have such an urgent need to mate at the same time without consideration for environment and privacy.
C35: I understand her not wanting to see them as frozen meat. I imagine it would be very frightening to view ones loved ones, especially parents, as immobile, lifeless, impersonal slabs of meat. They would appear alien and not like the animated, warm, familiar bodies that one knows and loves. It could forever alter ones perceptions of them.
C36: I think that Amy will definitely want to view her trunk, if for no other reason, than out of sheer curiosity. I expect that she would have packed away photographs of her life on Earth and other mementos and keepsakes from her previous life and the environment she grew up in.


LitzaLou said...

Ch 31 - I still don't like Eldest. I do think his job is not an easy one, but he doesn't have to be so rotten.

I like it when Amy & Elder are teasing one another... figuring each other out.

Ch 23 - I think he likes all of her. He likes her looks, obviously, but he also likes that she's smart, strong and independent. She's different from everyone he knows and he likes that. She's like a breath of fresh air, even if she does have a funny accent. lol.

Amy pulled away because she was feeling homesick & her memories of life on Earth keep haunting her. It's so heartbreaking.

Ch 33: Amy's dream is to run the New York marathon... and realizing that she'll never be able to do that now breaks yet another piece of her heart.

She realizes that Elder had total control and the people follow him blindly... not even noticing the evidence right in front of their nose. How frustrating!

Ch 34 - I think he likes her regardless of The Season... but you can tell he looks forward to the time when they're in the midst of it. Boys.

I think they're all crazy! People don't go around mating like animals, out in the open, with no shame or anything! It's not natural... it's disgusting & I think I'd want to stay far far away from it. Sickos.

Ch 35 - I don't blame her for not wanting to see them as frozen meat. She wants them to hold her & comfort her & feel warm and real. Seeing them frozen like that makes them so far away...

Ch 36 - I know I would want to check out what was in my trunk...